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Pax range of vaccine, blood, and organ carriers are the only WHO-approved carriers in Africa. They are specifically designed for the safe storage and transport of vaccines, blood, and organs. What makes these carriers unique is their extremely long holdover times, ranging from 24 to 140 hours, depending on the carrier model and eutectic (ice-pack) configuration.

Our models range from 0.8 litres to 23,7 litres. The plastic casing is highly durable and lends itself to easy cleaning.



Model Reference ACB-264SL
Type Long Range Carrier
Hot Zone YES
Cold Chain Compliant YES
Gross Storage Capacity (L) 11.6
Vaccine Storage Capacity (L) 6
Weight – fully loaded 26.6kg
Weight – empty (with empty icepacks) 14.21kg
Weight Boxed – empty (with empty icepacks) 16kg
External Surface Material LLDPE*
Internal Lining Material LLDPE*
Insulation Material CFC free PU
Insulation Thickness 100mm
Lid Type & Fixings Hinged
Number of Ice Packs Required 26
Number of Ice Packs Supplied 26
Ice Pack Type E5/IP.2
Volume of Ice Pack (L) 0.40
Performance (E04/CB01)
Cold Life without opening 132 Hours @ 43°C
Boxed Dimensions (mm) (L) 650mm x (W) 530mm x (H) 460mm
External Dimensions (mm) (L) 630mm x (W) 510mm x (H) 450mm
Internal Dimensions (mm) (L) 400mm x (W) 280mm x (H) 206mm
Vaccine Storage Dimensions (mm) (L) 330mm x (W) 210mm x (H) 100mm

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