Absorption capacity

– Large surface area, less material required.

– Absorbs large quantities of spilled fluids

– 1 kg of absorbent is approximately equal to 6 kg saw dust.

Stays afloat in marine application

– Does not sink after absorbing the spilt oil

– Can be cleaned easily


– Universal-Maintenance

– Oil only-EcoPlus

– Hazmat Chemical

User friendly

– Can be easily placed around a liquid spill to block it from spreading

– Absorbs leaks in tight places Lightweight mobile and easy to use Environment friendly, reusable


Absorption Capacity – 75 liters

Contents Quantity
Wheeled Trolley Drum 120 L 1 No.
Pad Universal 24 Nos.
Boom Universal 5 Nos.
Pillows Universal 5 Nos.
Multipurpose Gas Mask V-800+V-7800 ABEK1P3R 1 Set
Splash Goggle – G-501 1 No.
Nitrile Gloves Size: L 1 Pair
Chemical Gum Boots Size: 8 1 Pair
Barricade Tape 1 Roll
Disposable Bag 3 Nos.




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